Why You Should Choose Glitter Flooring

Why You Should Choose Glitter Flooring

Sep 01, 2020

Improving the look of your space is one way to make it feel fresh and modern. A big part of the modification is about making the space attractive and functional all in the same breath. Over the years, contractors and homeowners have found solace in epoxy garage flooring to improve the value of their homes regarding aesthetics and functionality. Read on to learn more about these floorings and whether you should try them for your space.

What Is Epoxy Decorative Flooring?

It is a way of creatively improving the flooring system in a building, using epoxy coatings. They are considered decorative flooring because they introduce an aspect of beauty to your flooring system.

The epoxy flooring is gaining popularity because they provide a wide range of alternatives to improve a space. Usually, they vary in color, patterns, and appearance. The list is endless of how you can uniquely contour epoxy floorings to suit your envisioned style and goal. Aside from that, these floorings are safe for use in any part of your house or business. It is why they are used in studios, beauty salons, offices, home spaces, to mention a few.

Benefits of Epoxy Glitter Flooring Systems

Before you consider any flooring for your space, it helps to cover the different aspects that make for a good flooring system. This ranges from strength and durability to resistance and high usage. If you can get such flooring that achieves this and meets your aesthetic needs, then you have chosen right. Some benefits of epoxy glitter flooring are:

  • Aesthetic benefit – one of the main reasons why people consider using glitter flooring is their aesthetic appeal. The metallic glittering floor is eye-catching. Besides, it brings out the best features of the space, serving as a great addition to the interior décor.
  • Ties well with the rest of the house – while choosing a flooring material, you should be sure that it works well with the rest of your house. This is one of the factors that make epoxy floorings for homes likable. They not only add to the interior décor but also blend well thereof. It also makes it easy for you to incorporate major pieces like furniture in your space, creatively per your preferences.
  • Value addition – in modern times we are in, people consider aesthetics as a great value, especially in homeownership. Acquiring an up-to-date space can be hard without considering the flirting system. With glitter flooring, you add value to your home. As most customers report, these floorings make a space look more classy and elegant, which is in itself a value addition.
  • Versatility – the range of design options for epoxy flooring are endless. The glitter flooring can be incorporated in different patterns and colors, to achieve the desired effects you want. Further, you can add quartz, metallic flakes, colored glass, to realize the look you envision for your space. This not only stands to meet your expectations but also allows you to create a unique flooring system for your space.
  • The durability of your floor – the extra layer or coating on your concrete slab will boost the durability thereof. It makes for a more stable and solid floor, withstanding high usage of heavy equipment and high traffic for a long time.
  • Resistant to staining – stains are a big deal in floorings. If your floors are not resistant to stains, it adds to the need for frequent and costly maintenance. Epoxy glitter flooring is highly resistant to different types of stains, including colors, chemicals, and oils. This makes it easy to clean and maintain.
  • Slip resistance – other than stains, you need to care about the slippery nature of your floors. This is especially the case if you anticipate high foot traffic in your space, whether at home or business setup. Epoxy flooring in Richmond is made with this in mind. The final tip coat takes the slip-resistance to the next level, not just for foot traffic, but other movements. This is why garage floor epoxy is available, to offer different options to homeowners.
  • Ease of application – if all that is not convincing enough, consider then, the application process. You can achieve this new flooring even without a contractor since the application is easy and quick.