Why Quartz Flooring Is Preferred by Many Homeowners in America?

Why Quartz Flooring Is Preferred by Many Homeowners in America?

Dec 01, 2019

For many years homeowners in America had to choose between the popularity of marble, granite, travertine, and other types of natural stone for the flooring in their homes. The present real estate listings prove that a new favorite surface for decorating the floor of their place is available to Americans in the form of quartz best epoxy floor coating which is also becoming popular as countertops. This variety has become a major selling point behind the preference because quartz material for the construction does not require to be sealed constantly.

Understanding the Construction Material Quartz

A quartzite flooring contractor can provide information that this construction material should not be confused with natural stone especially with the variety known as quartzite. Some confusion exists in the minds of Americans as quartz obtains its name from the crystalline mineral which provides many types of natural stone attractive patterns. As a construction material quartz is made up of crushed natural quartz which has a high concentration of silicon dioxide. Coloring substances are mixed with these pieces along with bonding resins to create slabs, bricks, and tiles. Simply speaking this is a man-made stone that is allowing homeowners the flexibility of having another attractive flooring alternative to beautify their places.

Why Are Americans Preferring This Type of Flooring?

Americans are preferring this type of flooring because they are looking at a cost-effective and sturdy option for their places without compromising on the attractiveness of their floors. They are aware there are many types of floors to choose from but are preferring the one that is becoming increasingly common and are contacting quartz flooring in Houston, TX, for the type of flooring they need. These types of floors look fantastic in any room because of the benefits mentioned above making it an effective choice for Americans to consider quartz flooring over other types. Let us look into some of the benefits of quartz tile flooring in Houston, TX, to understand why this is becoming the preferred option of Americans.

The Benefits of Quartz Flooring

When compared to other types that are also available quartz crystal flooring does not need regular sealing or buffing ensuring that they will remain in good condition from the moment they are installed the time you decide you want to have a replacement. Tiles of other varieties have to be sealed practically every year which is not a requirement with quartz. This is a nonporous material making it the perfect choice for homeowners.

Quartz is a natural stone and resin is added to provide it a particular shade according to your requirements. It, therefore, has the ability to retain its shine for a considerable period without the requirement of maintaining it regularly.

Quartz is not the most expensive material available in the market and therefore it can give you a high-quality appearance for your place with low maintenance eliminating from you do need to spend money regularly simply for maintaining your flooring.

Durability is another benefit of quartz which is strong making it unlikely for you to break and chip it unless you make a serious effort to damage them in every way you can.

This is a healthier option because it is nonporous and not harbor germs of bacteria. This will become a hygienic choice because of its ability not to absorb water, bacteria, and germs which are common with other types of flooring.

The Disadvantages of Quartz Flooring

Cleaning the tiles will require some caution from you despite quartz being low on maintenance. The tiles still need to be cleaned from time to time to maintain its appearance. Being a floor tile it is essential for you to ensure you do not use any chemical cleaners that may harm the flooring and reduce its glow.

Having a shiny floor also means you are susceptible to slipping along with any children that may be running around in your place. Therefore it is suggested that you clean up any spillages and messes on the floor right away. Quartz is a smooth stone and the potential for slipping increases when you add water to the flooring even when you are cleaning the floor.

No flooring will last you forever and something similar can also be said about quartz flooring. The flooring of any type can withstand a lot of wear and tear but over time they can begin to dull making you feel it is time for a replacement.

If you are looking for a new choice for the floor in your home quartz flooring will certainly be a great choice. You just need to contact quartz tile flooring in Houston, TX, if you intend to replace the existing floor of your place with an attractive option that is also durable and cost-effective. You are unlikely to regret making this choice because quartz flooring will make your place look better and also give you the satisfaction of knowing you have made a wise investment.