The Advantages of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

The Advantages of Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Oct 01, 2019

Garages play a special role in the standard home. They serve as an extra wing of the house where people can store their vehicles, tools, lawn implements, and other possessions that don’t require the standard HVAC of the rest of the house. Garages tend to be built from strong, durable materials to create long-lasting, protective wings that keep vehicles and other expensive possessions safe. But the strongest feature of the garage needs to be the floor.

The average person doesn’t give much thought to the garage floor epoxy, but any true homeowner knows it needs to be maintained just like the carpets or hardwood inside. Instead of using traditional concrete, more and more people are turning to epoxy garage floors or simple coatings.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a broad term that refers to a synthetic substance made by combining resins and hardeners to create a powerful, durable plastic. This plastic is rigid and can be applied as a liquid to surfaces, where it will harden and become a new layer of flooring. Epoxy has become a favorite in commercial and industrial centers because the material is durable, resistant to a variety of stimuli, and can withstand an incredible amount of foot traffic and pressure.

The Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy floor coatings have rapidly grown in popularity, especially among the average individual. While it is possible to make a floor entirely out of epoxy, many homes have started to instead use a single or several layers of epoxy to cover a preexisting concrete floor instead of investing in a full replacement. These layers have numerous advantages over basic concrete, including:

  • A durable surface that resists cracks from high pressure
  • A surface resistant to impact damage from falling objects like tools and paint cans
  • High shine that makes any garage brighter
  • A surface resistant to oil stains and water damage
  • Chemical resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Anti-slip additives that offer extra protection
  • Incorporated paint flakes for more color and brightness

Why Garages Are Great Candidates

A garage is one of the best places the average person can use epoxy flooring. The flooring is designed to withstand the pressure and impact seen in commercial and industrial sectors like hospitals, warehouses, factories, and show floors. Garages, like the one location where the average person will use heavy wheeled vehicles, require some extra protection. The epoxy flooring offers the best protection, even beating out more traditional options like concrete.

Epoxy vs. Concrete

Epoxy has a couple of advantages over traditional concrete. In tests conducted by engineers and scientists, epoxy was overall more durable and resistant to pressure and impact. The epoxy also provided a surface that was non-slip and easy to walk on, while also being easy to clean and disinfect.

However, concrete did show some benefits as well. Concrete is a more long-lasting solution, as epoxy flooring needs to be replaced every 3 to 5 years and often serves more as a temporary solution for residential homeowners. Concrete is also more resistant to heat, although epoxy can handle the intense temperatures produced by the Richmond summers just fine.
Both materials are best laid by a professional who is able to mix the epoxy or concrete and then lay it in even layers that are perfectly straight on top.

When it comes to choosing between epoxy and concrete, homeowners need to decide which values to prioritize. Someone who works often in their garage and has hobbies prone to causing spills or slippage will find epoxy to be the better value. Someone who doesn’t want to replace their garage floor every few years and is willing to deal with cracking will prefer the simplicity of concrete.

Overall, though, epoxy offers a more customizable and beautiful surface and can raise the value of the standard residential garage.

Where to Get Epoxy

Epoxy flooring and floor coatings need to be applied by a professional company. Individuals seeking epoxy flooring in Richmond, TX can contact E-Tech Coatings today to receive a consultation and have someone come out to check the garage floor for themselves. Before working with epoxy, it’s important to ensure the garage floor is stable and to receive a price quote for the best results. Consider epoxy garage floor coatings today as a viable alternative to standard concrete.