Glittered Floor Placing

Glittered Floor Placing

Jun 01, 2020

The use of glitter in flooring is gaining popularity all over the world due to its outstanding aesthetic properties. There is a variety of glittered products available, depending on the design required. In-floor construction, glitters can either be added to tiles during manufacture or applied after placing of the floor. Whatever method is used; we ensure that the end result is satisfactory. E-Tech Coatings has plenty of options for the most appealing glitter flooring in Richmond, TX.

For a glitter floor to appear perfect, proper application procedures must be followed. Doing anything opposite the required process can make the glitter come off. This would be a waste of time and valuable resources.

Before the glittered floor is used, several factors have to be considered. They include the following:

Factors to Be Considered Before:

Amount of foot traffic

The level of traffic should be put into serious consideration. If the traffic is high, the chances of the glitter failing are high. This means that proper sealing and many tests to the glitter should be done. Once the traffic is determined, adjustments can be made to improve the strength of the glitter flooring.

Condition of floor surface

Before the glitter is placed, the floor surface should be smoothened. The sandpaper can be used for this. A rough floor will make the glitter fail, thus producing poor end results while a smooth floor ensures that the glitter remains intact on the floor. Make sure the floor is well cured and dry before any works on it start. If the glitter to be placed is not intended for long time use, the floor condition will not matter.

The type of floor

Different floors will require different preparations to ensure the glitter sticks. Cement floor will only need smoothening and cleaning. This will also apply to wood floors. A wooden floor will require the use of seals to cover any stains present.

Tests results

Before any glitter type is used, a proper test should be done. This helps in deciding the most suitable model for the floor. It also provides solutions for any factors that may have led to the failure of the glitter coat.

The above factors will help ensure your glitter remains intact with the floor. Glitters that are epoxy coated and solvent resistant are suitable for use. Epoxy coated glitters are most preferred as they offer higher resistance to wear.

Steps Taken When Applying Glitter;

The following are steps taken when applying glitter flooring in Richmond:

Prepare the floor surface

The floor surface should be clean and smooth, and if the floor is cement, curing should be done before to avoid cracks on the floor. This step should be done by a well-experienced person to avoid failure and improve the look of the applied glitter.

Paint the floor

The floor should then be painted. The color black is most preferred for this type of work. The paint should be allowed to dry before moving on to the next step.

Make a sealer mix

A non-water based sealer should be mixed with the glitter to one part. As you work with the mixture, make sure you continuously keep mixing to avoid settling of the flakes.

Apply the mixture

The mixture can be applied by a brush, roller, or sprayed on the floor. With spraying, it is crucial to take into consideration the sizes of glitter flakes as not all sizes can be sprayed. You can have a second coat if you feel like the first one was not enough.

Final coating

After you have applied the glittered mix, take a non-glittered sealer, and apply several coats until the floor is fully sealed. A total of four coats can be used while following the outlined instructions on the can. A pour coat can be used instead of applying each coat at a time. For such a method, a sealer with high-quality epoxy should be used to ensure that the sealer levels itself.

With that procedure, you can be sure of a strong glitter floor. It is important to note that not all sealers will produce the same results. Some will have an antique appearance with the application of more coats. For the best glitter options, visit Epoxy Technology Coatings to help in making the selection.