Glitter Coatings For Walls and Ceilings in Houston

Glitter Coatings For Walls and Ceilings in Houston

Feb 01, 2020

The 21st century has introduced a whole different way of doing things. People are relentless in incorporating their tastes and preferences into their spaces. Interior designers and architectures are enjoying a thrill of creativity and innovation. When it comes to spicing up the surfaces of your home. Glitters are a nice way to go about it. You can include glitters in the application of your flooring or even your wall.

Glitter in Richmond, TX, has a lot of parents come to inquire about the coatings for walls. They are such a suitable option for parents who want to spice things up for their kids by repainting their walls. With glitter, you do not have to spend more money on paintings, wallpapers and different colors of paint to achieve the desired goal. Besides, adults also visit glitter stores in Richmond for recommendations on how to make things interesting in their rooms.

How Do You Apply the Glitter?

Much as you are excited about getting glitter on the surfaces of your house, you need to be particular with the details. This is one of the reasons why some homeowners decide to hire contractors for glitter in Houston, TX, to do it professionally.

One of the most important things during application is ensuring that the glitters are evenly distributed throughout the paint. The last thing you want is to have glitters clumped up in one part of the surface instead of the entire surface. It means that you have to be very intentional with the mixing. It is the only way to ensure the glitters are constant in all parts of the wall or ceiling.

Different techniques are used for the application, including:

  • Blow method – pain the wall in the color you want. Before the paint is dry, blow some glitter on the wall, until you are satisfied with the results. Coal the wall with a clear sealer to keep the glitters.
  • Spray glue – spray the glue on part of your wall, then throw glitter on the glue before it dries. After your wall is dry, apply a clear sealer coat.
  • Mix into paint – you paint your wall with paint that already contains glitters.

Factors to Consider During Application of Glitter

When you visit a glitter store in Houston, TX, they will let you in on some of the tips to help you achieve a fine finish on your paint. Some of the factors you should consider consist of the following:

Mix small portions – small batches of paint will allow you to mix the glitter and paint proportionally. The idea is to prevent any glitter from settling at the bottom, which will result in an uneven distribution of glitters.

Use the right glitter – do not mix your paint with any type of glitter. There are specific glitters that are made for painting applications. The glitters manufactured for painting applications are designed to remain in suspension with the paint, without sinking to the bottom. Besides that, paint glitter does not flake off soon after application, in the ways that craft glitter may flake. Further, other types of glitters will not give you the shine and sparkle you want. This is because the paint will cover the glitter and weigh it down, taking away some of its shimmers.

Consider other alternatives – you can find glitter mixed with clearcoat in the market. In this case, you may not need to mix your paint with the glitters. Instead, first, paint your walls with the color you prefer, then apply the glitter on top after the paint has dried. This makes your work easier when it comes to ensuring an even distribution of the glitters on your surfaces.

Is Lighting Important?

Making a room sparkle as you want it to is not as simple as many people think of it to be. There is a reason why professionals and experts are hired to get it done. Ideally, glitters sparkle because of light. This can either be natural light or artificial light. If the room you are working on is dark, the glitters will not have the sparkling effect you are looking for. It is paramount to apply the glitter in the side of the wall that receives ample lighting, for you to get the desired effects. If natural lighting does not properly get into that room, then choose the wall that is closest to the ceiling lights so that the sparkle is retained.