Flooring Options In Houston: Recreational Flakes

Flooring Options In Houston: Recreational Flakes

Jan 01, 2020

Choosing the right flooring for your home is one of the most critical decisions you will have to make. It determines how much work will go into caring and maintaining your home. Better yet, it determines the value of your house with time. A good flooring allows you to carry on with daily activities of life with ease and comfort. Learn more about the decorative epoxy flooring for homes option that is trending today.

What Are Flakes for Flooring?

Recreational flooring is the solution to your house’s flooring that does not subject you to the problem of choosing between functional features and aesthetic appeal.

Flakes feature different materials, either, natural mica mineral, or synthetic. Besides that, they also feature different sizes, so that you can achieve a smooth look or a coarser version of the flakes. The versatility in colors and blends has given designers a lot to work with, in tying together the decor of a house.

More About Decorative Flakes for Flooring Systems

The decorative flakes work by incorporating multicolored flakes in the resin system of the flooring while still in liquid form. This is done randomly to achieve a unique application when it cures.

Ideally, flakes for flooring is a new trend that is getting most homeowners excited about the flooring options available for them. The modernity of this flooring allows it to imitate other types of flooring that are more expensive but not as durable. For example, you can go for the natural granite flooring or even terrazzo that is mosaic-like, without spending that much installation cost.

Besides, if you have a flooring system that is cracked and in need of repair, decorative flakes are a great way to spice up your home and cover the cracks. The flakes can be used in varying colors and textures to mask off any chips and cracks on your initial floor system. Depending on the product used for the application process, this flooring can be used for self-leveling and is compatible with such other products.

Why Choose Flakes for Your Flooring?

It is natural to wonder why you have to join an idea because it is trendy. The popularity of flakes for flooring today is not just a passing wave. People are quickly identifying it as a preferable option to spice up the look of their homes because of particular benefits. Some of the benefits to consider include the following:

  • Durability – the product layers that are featured during the application of decorative flakes are what increases the durability of this flooring option. Further, the surface of the flooring is hard-wearing. It is, therefore, able to withstand continuous traffic and heavy objects. This me as that the flooring system can still be used for industrious businesses and structures.
  • Ease of maintenance – the easy-to-clean surfaces are made possible by the smooth glide of the flooring.
  • Aesthetic improvements – innovations in design and application techniques have transformed the building and construction sector. The recreational flooring in Houston will elevate the appearance of your home with a broad spectrum of colors and designs to suit your preference and home decor.
  • Hygienic seamless finish – technically, the recreational Flakes are installed as liquids. This means that when they cure, they are smooth and seamless. You never have to worry about the grout lines and gaps that come with other types of flooring like tiles and concrete pavers.
  • Hard and abrasion-resistant – these floors are scratch resistance, which means you never have to worry about your children making a mess in your house. Any sharpies subjected to the floor will not leave cracks and scratches that are unsightly.
  • Stain and chemical resistant – this adds to the longevity of the floor as it can withstand many harsh conditions. Such things as oil stains will no longer be your concern.
  • Satin or gloss finish – the finished look of the floor is impressively glossy. It gives you an eye-catching and elegant finish. The better news is that even though the satin finish looks slippery, the layers used in achieving the final look increase slip resistance. The gloss also brightens up the rooms of your house, ensuring the whole interior decor falls into perspective.