Choosing the Right Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

Choosing the Right Epoxy Flooring for Your Garage

Oct 01, 2019

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

People often misunderstand the exact nature of epoxy flooring. “Epoxy” refers to a class of synthetic or human-created materials that combine substances known as resins and hardeners. When mixed together, the resins and hardeners form a rigid plastic that can be used as a protective layer or even an entire floor. Because of their chemical makeup, epoxy floors are considered some of the strongest and most durable models on the market, capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic and even the weight of heavy machinery.

The Types of Epoxy Floors

Most professional epoxy flooring specialists offer five different varieties for customers to choose from. These are:

  • Quartz-Filled
  • Anti-Static
  • Epoxy Mortar
  • Epoxy Flake

All of them combine the benefits that epoxy is known for, but some of them have special properties and combine different materials to create a new, sleeker appearance than the standard metallic epoxy floor coating or garage floor paint.


A self-leveling epoxy floor could be considered a new coating for any already established garage. A layer of epoxy is applied over a surface like concrete, where it fills in cracks, strengthens the overall structure, and provides an extra layer of protection against the pressure and weight of vehicles.


A quartz-filled epoxy floor combines the regular epoxy formula with small quartz flakes that add an extra layer of decorativeness and shine to the floor. There aren’t any practical benefits, but the quartz overall makes the floor more aesthetically pleasing.


Anti-static floors are also called electrostatic charge (ESD) resistance because the formulation of the epoxy contains a slight static electric charge that dissipates any charge that builds up. It’s recommended in environments where flammable chemicals are used on a regular basis, such as hospitals.

Epoxy Mortar

This is the strongest epoxy floor currently available on the market, capable of withstanding the weight of powerful equipment like steamrollers and forklifts. The flooring is also impact resistant, making it excellent for factories, warehouses, and regular garages alike.

Epoxy Flake

Epoxy floors combined with flakes results in a floor that is highly slip-resistant because of the slight tread created by the flakes. The surface is also highly decorative and can be colorful and appealing to the eye.

Coating vs. Whole New Floor

When someone is interested in getting epoxy flooring for the garage, one of the first questions they need to ask themselves is whether or not they want to get a coating or replace the entire floor. There is no right or wrong answer. Epoxy is a powerful substance but can be quite expensive as a whole floor replacement for the average individual. However, a full epoxy floor has an average lifespan of 3-5 years when maintained, while a coating lasts a shorter period of time.

The full-floor also tends to be more durable on average, especially in high traffic areas. You need to consider whether or not you are just parking your own car, or if you will be constantly moving vehicles back and forth through the garage.

Still, there are benefits to using a basic coating instead of a full floor. In particular, the coating is less expensive to place but still manages to be highly durable. The covering can protect an underlying concrete floor that has experienced some damage, ensuring the garage maintains a solid base while receiving the pressure resistance, chemical resistance, and heat resistance of the epoxy.

How to Choose the Right Flooring

When picking an epoxy floor for your garage, always consider your personal budget and how much protection you would like in the garage. A full epoxy flooring will be more heat resistant and durable, but a coating is less expensive and will have a long lifespan just like the full floor. Overall, how much money are you willing to spend? And do you want a design like a metallic epoxy floor coating or the full deal?

When searching for a company that performs epoxy flooring in house, consider contacting E-Tech Coatings. Business professionals can examine your current garage situation and help you make an educated decision for your future.