Choosing Commercial Flakes For Your Home

Choosing Commercial Flakes For Your Home

Apr 23, 2020

The kind of flooring you choose for your home speaks a lot about the value of your house. If anything, it plays a significant role in tying together the entire interior decor of your home. Homeowners that come to us for flooring ideas always end up choosing commercial flakes.

What Are Commercial Flakes?

They are a type of decorative flooring that works well on different floors of a home or business. They feature different decorative styles, ranging from multi-colored floor options to seamless flooring systems. This is perhaps the one thing that makes commercial flakes in Houston very popular.

These floorings are commonly used for industrial setups and businesses, more than homes. However, their versatility, especially in design, making them convenient for usage anywhere.

Applications of Commercial Flakes

The commercial flakes in Houston, TX are usually applied over concrete floors. Their primary role is to provide a high-performance work surface, especially in industrial areas. When the flooring is applied over the concrete, it makes the surface stronger and more durable. It also increases the capacity of your flooring to withstand heavy loads.

The reason they are called commercial flakes in the market is that they are used in commercial buildings.

Where Can These Floors Be Used?

In most cases, commercial flakes are used in business setups. It probably explains the name. However, there are other places the floors can be used, including

  • On airports
  • Grocery stores
  • Cosmetic stores
  • Supermarkets and malls
  • Fire apparatus service bays
  • Showrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Spas and beauty salons
  • Garage floors
  • Hospitals, to mention a few

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Flakes for Flooring Systems?

Isn’t it enough to have concrete for your floors? One would wonder. The truth about commercial flakes for flooring systems is that they have more advantages to offer you. As a business owner or even a homeowner, you will not regret installing these floors. Some of the overriding benefits of this type of flooring are:

  1. Decorative advantages – the epoxy flakes come with different decorative styles. You can get a multicolored flooring system to suit your theme, decor, and preferences. Besides, the high-gloss surface will increase the gloss and shine that will reflect and highlight the brightness of your interiors. You can also create different patterns to come up with a visible spot in your floor, as per your decorative goals.
  2. Chemical resistance – you know how chemicals can spill on your floors and damage them? Well, this is the last thing you need is a well-built business site. However, in an industrial area, spillages and chemical hazards are part of the job description. It is why the flakes floor systems are a darling for business owners. They are resistant to chemicals, which means even with spillages, your floors are safe.
  3. A seamless finish – if you are looking to maintain a Hygienic room, these floorings are the best. They have a smooth seamless finish that does not trap dirt, debris, and residues. The seamless finish also makes it easy to clean, which becomes an added advantage for industries and commercial business sites.
  4. Ease of maintenance – cleaning and managing this space is easy. The seamless finish and smooth outlook make it nice and easy to work with when cleaning.
  5. Increase the value of a house – if you are thinking of selling your home or business, it may not be the worst idea to renovate it with these floors. They not only add a pop of color and shine to your room, but also boost the value of the building.
  6. Durability – when the flakes are applied on concrete floors, they add an extra layer of flooring. This makes it a hard-wearing surface that can last longer, even with heavy usage. The floor can even take continuous traffic of heavy-duty items without wearing out quickly like other types of floorings.
  7. Oil stains and water resistance – oil stains and water spillages are also a chief way to damage flooring.
  8. Protect concrete floors – if your original flooring system is concrete, then you can use epoxy flakes to protect the concrete from wear tear and damage. This means repairing any chips and cracks by combining different colors to mask the problems.